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Google PageRank update – 8 November 2012 Review

Hammad Siddiqi November 8, 2012

Before we begin this post, I would like to shed some light on Google PageRank for those who do not know about it. Google has devised an algorithm for blogs and websites which reveals the real authority of the blog/website. The Google PageRank can be as low as Unranked or as high as PR10. The Google PageRank is what keeps many bloggers, be it professional or novice, interested. Many bloggers work hard to get a higher PageRank. Many factors including backlinks affect PageRank of a website.

Finally the last Google PageRank update of the Year 2012 passed today on 8th November 2012. Many bloggers and webmasters had high expectations from this PageRank update, while some were scared that they may get slapped again by another vicious Panda or Penguin update.  Webmasters started developing huge number of backlinks as the month of November arrived, but Google had other plans for them. Google had been really careful in throwing away good PageRank updates, keeping many bloggers at the bay while snatching the PageRank from some.

Google PageRank update was demoralizing for some while increased the spirits of some bloggers. In some cases, The Google PageRank decreased, while some were not happy that the Google Page rank they were expecting was not awarded to them. Many of them were happy to see the increase in their PR which they were not expecting. And all the listed changes really happened. We are just careful about disclosing the names here.

The update did not seem to have made a big impact, many newbies seemed to enjoy it. Many of them got a PR 1 for their new blog. While the same update did not entertain those many who had been waiting for almost a year to get a PR update.

Even though it left many bloggers with out any gain in PR, it also decreased the PR of some known websites. An example is wpbeginner, where the PR decreased from 7 to 6. Even though it may not hurt them as they have a huge fan base, but consider a blog with a PR 2, the admin of that blog may get devastated had this happened with him.

The Google PageRank update may seem demoralizing but we should not let such setbacks to make us slow, instead we must try harder for a higher Google PageRank next time.

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  1. I Think Google Got mad this time there were so many unexpected results as my main domain got only ! PR and other which was having only 1 Post got PR 3

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